Is Coaching Right For You, your Team, your Business?

This may surprise you to read here - Coaching & Training is NOT for everyone! Although FocalPoint Coaches & Trainers provide proven solutions for any business in the multifaceted areas of Time, Team, Money and Business Strategy; what we know to be true is it takes a special person, team or business to be coachable. Are YOU willing to learn more and do more - to achieve more? When we meet, we will interview each other to see how well we compliment each other, and how well we can work together - only if there is a fit will we move forward.

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If you’re ready to learn more, do more, and achieve more, contact Pete Sprukulis – your FocalPoint Business Coach – today.

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I coach professionals & business owners JUST LIKE YOU to achieve their dreams!

I, “Big” Coach Pete have a passion for helping business leaders and owners achieve their full potential and is dedicated to enhancing the growth and profitability of small and medium-size businesses while achieving goals relating to Time, Team, Money and Business Challenges. As your confidential business coach, I will help you grow and manage your business and will work with you to understand and implement proven business concepts, which are guaranteed to generate a quick “Return on Investment”. I will work with you to develop plans in key areas related to achieving success as you define it, such as leadership, management, delegation, sales, marketing, productivity, growth, decision-making and execution.

Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders deserve to invest in themselves - A Confidential Coach can help you unlock doors and meet challenges you never thought possible.