The Answer to Every Marketing Question...

I am asked this question more than any other when doing a seminar on marketing strategy to business leaders in startups and early-stage companies. They asked me if they should do something as part of their marketing plan for their company. Should I do social media? Should I go to a trade show? Should I build a sales team? How big should my sales team be? Do I need a new logo for my product?
The answer is the same for all of the questions when it comes to marketing. The answer is…"It depends". That's it, it depends. It depends on the analytics and decisions that you have made when you are setting up your company. What pain does your product relieve with your target customer. Who is your target customer? How big are they? Where do I find them? What are their demographics and psychographics?
You can't answer a marketing question without understanding the underlying environment in which you play. Should I use social media? That depends on who your target audience is and whether they look to social media to gather information about the product you're trying to sell them. If they don't use social media, spending money on social media would be a bad decision. You need to understand the environment in as much detail as possible to be able to make proper marketing decisions when the time comes. Thinking through that environment is your first step…


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